Possible Crew 2023


Two or three weeks of painting and varnishing in Millbrook, across the Sound from Plymouth, the most beautiful place in England to work on a boat. Possible dates 20th March to 7th April.

Peter and Francoise Wynn have offered; trying to book them for weekend of 1-2 April to re-rig. Peter Green ready to come, providing he can stay on the boat. peter.delphinus@gmail.com . Paul Deakin also ready to help. Chris King offering various dates – see his email. Chris Haw has offered hawc66@gmail.com . Also Martyn Jarvis but I’m not sure whether I spoke to him. 


Shakedown sail in the second half of the month, after Easter, perhaps to Salcombe in the east or Fowey in the west.

Pelham Olive interested – former owner of Kelpie, experienced gaff sailor. pelham.olive@bhgroup.com . John Jelly keen depending on dates.

Elizabeth Jones interested. Also Exeter student Frederic Bentley, and Luke Gibbs from Gloucester (long weekends only, he works and has young family).

Chris Haw, Martyn Jarvis new crew who should come on a shakedown


The Looe Lugger Regatta on 19-21 May is unmissable. Join the boat in Plymouth on Wednesday 17th May to sail to Looe on the evening high tide on Thursday 18th for racing and partying on Friday and the weekend, then back to Plymouth on Monday 22nd.

Paul and Chris Deakin would like to come, with Lesley for a day sail.

Peter and Francoise Wynn.


The Falmouth Classics from 16-18 June is the biggest gathering of traditional boats in Britain and always fun. There will be racing on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th and a Parade of Sail on Sunday 18th. Join the boat in Plymouth on Tuesday 13th to sail to Fowey on Wednesday 14th and Falmouth on Thursday 15th. Then sail back to Plymouth on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th.

Bart Wordsworth and Chris King keen. Peter Green booked but doubtful because of family funeral.

Steve Greenham interested in all the trips.


I’m keen to take Guiding Star to Brittany for the 31st anniversary celebration of the launch of the magnificent French lugger Le Grand Léjon in Saint Brieuc-Le Légué from 7-9 July. Join the boat in Plymouth on Wednesday 5th July to set out on Thursday 6th, locking into Saint Brieuc on the evening high tide on Friday 7th.

What about staying in Brittany afterwards for a cruise around the Bay of St Malo? We could possibly leave the boat in Roscoff and come home on the ferry.

Chris Haw, John Jelly; Steve Greenham and Bart Wordsworth interested


The Festival du Chant de Marin in Paimpol from 4-6 August is fabulous, and would make a great starting point for a cruise to southern Brittany. I still haven’t managed to take Guiding Star south of the Raz du Sein and would love to cruise as far as the Isles de Glenan and Belle Ile.

Chris Haw booked. Michel Jouillie interested. Frederic Bentley interested.

Chris King keen on southern Brittany (has two weeks holiday)and ready to help with Channel deliveries. John Jelly can come for one week in southern Brittany.

Steve Greenham interested in whole programme.

Sail on a 1907 Cornish fishing boat

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