All this could be yours!

I’m sad to have put Guiding Star up for sale, but it’s the right time for me to pass her on so I can move to a smaller boat as I grow older. If you’re interested, the full broker’s listing is on Wooden Ships.

The one bright part of putting the boat on sale was a wonderful photo shoot on Plymouth Sound with Paul Gibbins and Mark Smith. We chose a September day with light wind so we could put all the sails up including the big genoa, and reached up and down while Paul buzzed round us in his RIB and Mark manoeuvred his drone overhead. The photos and video they produced were spectacular. Here’s Mark’s video:

Paul caught some action on board as well as magnificent sailing shots.

The drone gave me an uncanny feeling. Here we were, sailing gently on the open sea, when suddenly we’d realise there was an observing presence over our shoulders, whining just out of reach. It was all worth it for the photos!

Paul took time to take some detailed shots, too, which give a vivid feel for the boat.

Here’s the video tour of the boat by Richard Gregson of Wooden Ships. The boat’s on her berth in Plymouth for the winter so just contact Richard if you’d like to see her.