Sailing Dates 2022

We had a terrific year in 2021 after the miseries of 2020, sailing all the way up and down the coast of Devon and Cornwall and to the Isles of Scilly. 

Here are plans for the rest of 2022. As we sail this year, we’ll be celebrating the life of Barry Jobson, who with his wife Jackie Gillespie rebuilt Guiding Star in the early 1990s, sailed her to the Caribbean and back, and cruised England and France in her for nearly 30 years. Barry died earlier this month and the best way I can think to honour his memory is to sail his boat to places he loved.

Please email me to let me know which trips interest you.

Falmouth Classics – 17-19 June

This is the biggest gathering of traditional boats in Britain: two days of racing and then a spectacular Parade of Sail which fills the broad expanse of Carrick Roads. Last year’s event included two pontoon parties and a ringside seat at the G7 summit media operation, which had our boats as the backdrop to the live TV shots. 

Join the boat in Plymouth on Tuesday 14th June to sail to Fowey on Wednesday 15th and Falmouth on Thursday 16th. The races are on Friday and Saturday and the Parade on Sunday. Afterwards, we’ll leave the boat in Falmouth. 

Douarnenez Temps Fete 14-17 July

The oldest Brittany festival, famous for its music as well as its food and, of course, the boats. All the town’s many sailors and fishermen rally round to clear space for visiting boats in the harbour and offer a ferry service to the quay until late each night. Our last visit was truly memorable.

Join the boat in Falmouth on Friday 8th July to sail to Brest on Saturday-Sunday 9th-10th. We’ll take Monday 11th to pass through immigration, then sail to Cabaret on Tuesday 12th and Douarnenez on Thursday 13th.  If the festival is able to arrange immigration facilities in Douarnenez itself, we could leave two days later.

After the festival, we’ll cruise southern Brittany and return to Plymouth by 31st July. 


Happy sailing!

Sail on a 1907 Cornish fishing boat

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