Sailing Dates 2020

Due to the coronavirus crisis, I’m not sure when or where we’ll be sailing.  All the French and British festivals we had been hoping to join have been cancelled. We’re still not allowed people from more than two households spending the night on a boat, which in practical terms means the skipper and one other person, or the skipper and a couple.

However, I’m hoping to sail the south coast of Devon and Cornwall during August and September, so please email me, Paul, if you would like to join the crewing email list to be updated with trips as I’m able to arrange them.

Below is the schedule we had been planning, to give new visitors to the site an idea of our usual programme.

Annual haulout – dates to be confirmed

Guiding Star will be out of the water in Plymouth for anti-fouling, painting the topsides and other maintenance jobs. Help is very welcome so please get in touch with Paul if you’d like to come.

[12-14 June Falmouth Classics]

The biggest British traditional boat festival. The last time we went, in 2018, the weather was scorching and the wind barely ruffled the water but we had a glorious weekend.

[3-5 July Sea, Salts and Sail]

50 boats had registered including the newly-launched Luke Powell pilot cutter Pellet, and it would have been Guiding Star’s first time.

[10-16 July Brest International Maritime Festival]

The biggest traditional boat festival in Brittany, only held every four years. 1,000 boats, 700,000 visitors. This would have been my first time.

[15-19 July Dournenez Temps Fete]

Much smaller than Brest but the oldest of the Brittany festivals; a wonderful welcome from the town and terrific music. Read about our trip to the last festival in 2018.

3-6 September Mayflower Autonomous Ship

The one event which might still happen. To mark the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims sailing from Plymouth to the United States in 1620, a new remarkable venture is planned: the first Atlantic crossing by an uncrewed, autonomous vessel. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is due to set out from Plymouth on 6 September and cross to Plymouth, Massachusetts using artificial intelligence to navigate and correctly observe the Collision Regulations.

If this comes off, we’ll join boats on the Sound watching the departure.

[18-20 September  Charlestown Classic Sail Festival]

This would have been the second year of this new festival which was a delight to attend last year.

Sail on a 1907 Cornish fishing boat

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