Sailing Dates 2020

Here are proposed dates for two late summer (well, early autumn) sails. The weather will be increasingly uncertain so if there are strong winds and heavy rain forecast, we will adjust plans.

Please email me if you’d like to come and I will piece together crews for the two periods. The government’s coronavirus guidelines say that you shouldn’t overnight with members of more than one other household, so there should only be me and one other household on board at any one time. It would be ideal if that household consisted of more than one person, so those of you who sail with partners or family members would be particularly welcome. If you’re just one person, I would prefer that you know the boat or have Day Skipper level experience.

10-16 September Sail in Southwest

Join the boat on Wednesday 9th September in Plymouth. We’ll spend Thursday 10th in the Sound testing the new loose-footed mainsail and practising Man Overboard. Then if all’s well, we’ll set off west and south. If the weather is good, we could hope to make Scilly. Otherwise, we’ll aim for Fowey or perhaps the historic 18th century port of Charlestown, then Falmouth and the Helford River. Back in Plymouth on Wednesday 16th at the latest.

If you can’t make the whole period, please say which days you can come. We might be able to drop you off or pick you up along the way.

30 September – 6 October Sail in Southwest

Join the boat on Tuesday 29th September in Plymouth. The weather is likely to be more unpredictable and challenging than earlier in the month, although who knows after an August in which for the first time we had two named storms. Back in Plymouth on Tuesday 6th October.

We might get one more sail in, perhaps the week of the 18th October, so please tell me if you would be interested in that. However, that very much depends on the weather.

Sail on a 1907 Cornish fishing boat

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